St. Paul's Episcopal Church
319 S. 5th Street
Grand Forks, ND 58201
(701) 775-7955
(701) 775-0278 (FAX)

The Rt. Rev. Michael Smith, Bishop
The Rev. Dr. James Shannon, TSSF, Rector
The Rev. Don Leroux, Deacon
Carol Johnson, Secretary
Doug Woodard, Sexton
Jill Grzadzielewski, Organist and Choir Director


The Episcopal Church has had a major presence in Grand Forks since the founding of the city in the 1870s. St. Paul's official beginning was on January 16, 1880. The church celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2005. St. Paul's draws its membership from all facets of Grand Forks and the region, including the University, local businesses, the medical community and farming.

The original church building was located in downtown Grand Forks, about 15 blocks north of its present location. It was destroyed by fire in the late 1940s.

The sanctuary of the current building was erected in 1949, with a split-level education wing added later. That wing was destroyed during the flood of 1997 and demolished to make room for the new parish hall, which was dedicated to God's service in May 2000.

The original St. Paul's Episcopal Church.


Groups: Altar Guild, Chancel Guild, music groups, Bible study groups, prayer chain, St. Paul's Youth Group (SPYG), and social/church service groups.

St. Paul's Outreach Area of Ministry

As Christians we are all called to love our neighbors as ourselves. By our acts of caring for others we will help to spread the Good News. At St. Paul's this outreach ministry will include helping those in need in the community, in the Diocese or region and in the church in the world. Giving financial support will be balanced with personal involvement and effort by parish members.

St. Paul's Outreach recently has supported Northlands Rescue Mission, Phoenix Elementary School, Red River Community Action, Valley Community Health Center's Dental Clinic, St. Vincent of Grand Forks, the Salvation Army, United Way "Undies Sunday, " St. John the Divine Church in Moorhead, Standing Rock Indian Reservation and the Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota's Guatemala Medical Mission, in addition to contributing to Diocesan support of Episcopal relief and Development projects. These projects include "Nets for Life," "Building a Well," and scholarships for East African Students.

Congregations Acting Together for Change and Hope (CATCH) is an interfaith organization involving B'nai Israel Synagogue, Federated Church (UCC), and St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

CATCH mission Statement:

As CATCH we are committed to prophetic ministry. We view our relationship with God as a call to transform the world.
We believe that God wants all of God's children to be safe and well.
Therefore through efforts ranging from education to activism, we intend to be a force for justice and peace. We will fight against bigotry and discrimination.
We are committed to making our community a fairer and a safer place. We believe that all of God's children should have a change to fully participate in the gifts of this life.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is responsible for preparing the altar for the services of Holy Eucharist, baptisms, weddings and funerals. We work in teams of two. Training for new members is one-on-one, after which the individual is paired with a more experienced member as they continue to learn the proper procedures for setting the Lord's table.

If interested in joining the Altar Guild, please call Barb Chisholm at 701/772-1620 or 701/741-5015. You can also visit with one of our members in the Sacristy following Sunday services.

Parish Life

Food -- Fellowship . . . these two are often linked . . . add a healthy dash of fun and you have Parish Life. This is the organization which is responsible for providing food and support for all of our community functions, from Baptisms to Funerals, celebrations of graduations and Church School events.

For additional information, please contact Vickie Nelson (701/772-1126). Alternatively, join us at our next meeting, listed on the calendar page and in the Bulletin.

Prayer Chain

Prayer requests are made for healing, thanksgiving and other concerns. All prayer requests are confidential to prayer chain members. As prayer chain members relay your request to others on the chain, may our blessings bring blessings to all concerned in your request.

You may contact Rose Raymond at 701/775-6903, either with a prayer request or for additional information concerning joining our prayer chain.

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